Star Locket
Star Locket

PLEASE NOTE: This item is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be made before it is shipped.

Like Usagi, I always wanted my very own star locket to carry with me (and wear!) so I could cheer myself up when feeling down. Now thanks to help from my real-life tuxedo mask, this dream has become a reality ♥

This intricate design is 3D printed with multiple colours of PLA plastic. Each piece is extruded in hair-thin layers to form interlocking parts which are hand assembled and finished with an iridescent Swarovski crystal in the centre and extra shiny pointed-back Swarovski crystals along the outer rim.

The surface finish of necklace is likely to vary slightly from print to print, making each one unique.

Some parts of the necklace are very small and delicate, please handle it with love and care.

It’s made with a renewable bioplastic made from sugars, and smells like cotton candy when it’s being printed! It is not soluble in water, though should be kept out of scalding or boiling water. It’s very rigid and stable, while also being biodegradable in a commercial compost facility - Yay eco-friendliness!

Pendant measures about 2" (50mm) in height and width and hangs off a 20" gold plated tarnish resistant chain with a 2" extender.

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